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Dr Claire Asher On Nature-Based Solutions

Rumble, 25 May 2016, South Coast New South Wales, Australia Ray Collins
With multifaceted threats to life on Earth, nature-based solutions are attracting scientists, governments, communities and businesses ? by delivering multifaceted results, says Dr Claire Asher
The climate crisis is here. No longer a theoretical future threat, the effects of climate change are being felt acutely around the world. As promises of grand technological solutions to halt the climate emergency without reductions in emissions fail to materialise, scientists are sounding the alarm ? the only way to address the environmental crisis that humanity faces is to work with nature, rather than around it or against it.
?There is an assumption that with enough money and enough economic growth, it?s all going to be okay,? says Nathalie Seddon, Professor of Biodiversity and Director of the interdisciplinary Nature-based Solutions Initiative at the University of Oxford. ?People assume that we will clever our way out of it, that technology will come to the rescue? but that?s not true.? Follow LUX on Instagram:luxthemagazine
Working with nature means developing interventions that protect and restore ecosystems to ensure the services they provide ? from absorbing atmospheric carbon to providing clean drinking water ? are maintained or enhanced in order to tackle the multifaceted challenges of climate change, food and water security, biodiversity loss and extreme weather, while also benefitting human w...
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