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Frieze London Special: Iwona Blazwick on the power of education

A scene from the performance piece ‘Alone Together’ at the Whitechapel Gallery with artist Seth Pimlott
As the world’s leading contemporary art galleries come together for this year’s Frieze London in Regent’s Park,Iwona Blazwick, director of Whitechapel Gallery, discusses the challenges and successes of working to enrich communities through outreach programmes
Iwona Blazwick
What is the ultimate objective of a public learning programme" For anybody who?s struggled to find recognition, has a difficult home life or doesn?t see what prospects there are for them, art holds the key. Perhaps this kind of experience might help somebody realise they?re an artist, but I don?t think it has to limit itself to that. We?ve had programme alumni go on to do everything from forensics to fashion design, psychology to filmmaking. Follow LUX on Instagram: the.official.lux.magazine
I think the real asset of a good youth programme is that it can teach transferrable skills that take you in different directions. By encouraging participation and decision-making, we hope to bridge social, cultural and religious differences and instil some sort of epiphany in people that will help them for the rest of their lives, whether in a professional capacity, or as members of different communities. However, I don?t want to instrumentalise art. I also believe that it should be free to not do any of the above! But that very freedom too, I hope, can be found in our programmes...
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