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Fuller Moto’s Majestic ‘2029’ Extraordinary Electric Bike

Earlier we’ve already shown you vintage electric bike and today we want to show you another one. One of the most genre-smashing motorcycles of all time is the 1929 Majestic. It looked like nothing else on earth – a streamlined Art Deco torpedo, with hub-centered steering and sliding pillar suspension. Ninety years later, the French masterpiece is still casting its spell over custom builders. Bryan Fuller has just fallen under the influence, and created an extraordinary homage called 2029 .

It’s an electric bike with a fully enclosed sculptured aluminum body, hub-centric steering, clear polycarbonate wheels and titanium parts printed on a 3D printer.

Built in the Fuller Moto workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, 2029 was commissioned by the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery. The bike will debut during the Handbuilt Show and then go on display in the museum, next to two other Fuller Moto bikes.
With 2029 , Fuller wanted to capture next-level design elements and intricacies that, until today, were difficult to hand craft. Instead of traditional fabrication, he’s used 3D metal printing. Bryan Heidt, lead metal fabricator at Fuller Moto, worked with Fuller on the design concepts and provided the initial CAD model dimensions, to ensure optimum form and function. The Fuller team then shared the models with futurist designer Nick Pugh – a renowned movie concept artist who has worked on Star Wars. The 3D printing spec...
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