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Gaggenau’s latest initiative to support emerging artisans

The Fattorie dei Dolfi estate in Tuscany uses traditional, sustainable practices in its winemaking.
Whether cooking or dining, some of our most memorable experiences are steeped in history and heritage. Abi Rogers speaks to the craftspeople and producers who are placing time-honoured techniques at the heart of their work, with support from Gaggenau?s latest initiative
Conspicuous consumption is a thing of the past; today we all know that true luxury lies in experience and emotion. No longer blind to the damage that our disposable lifestyles are wreaking upon the planet, our gaze has turned to techniques and materials that have stood the test of time. But is this newfound focus on sustainability and durability built to last"
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For Lauren Smith and Kyle Holford of Forest Coalpit Farm in Wales, who raise their large black cross pigs on pasture, it was the only approach. ?From the beginning, we realised that our focus should be on quality and welfare so we kept that philosophy at the core of our decision- making,? Smith says. And though sustainability is rarely the quick and easy option, it pays dividends. ?Quality takes time,? she adds. ?It takes about twice as long for us to raise our pigs. We realised that we could produce pigs quicker, but there was less colour in the meat, and less of the much-sought-after marbling throughout.?
Forest Coalpit Farm pigs spend their days in the Brecon Beacons National P...
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