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Introducing the next generation of environmental campaigners

Better stewardship of the oceans is at the heart of the blue economy and is the core message of the next generation of environmental campaigners for ocean conservation. Here are the activists a new generation is listening to

Age: 28
Instagram: 4.4m
Twitter: 1.1m
Why: In 2019 the actress joined Greenpeace to study microplastic levels in the Sargasso Sea. The Greenpeace Oceans Ambassador used the damning results to urge the UN, businesses and individuals to commit to protecting 30 per cent of the oceans by 2030.
What she says: ?The threat of plastics in our seas not only affects marine life, it affects human lives as well. This is a crisis, and we must work on all fronts to combat the silent emergency we?re in.? Up next: A social media campaign for ongoing initiatives with Ocean Impact in South Africa and Parley for the Oceans in the US.

Age: 16
Instagram: 2.6m
Twitter: 181.5K
Why: The star of Netflix?s The Umbrella Academy is a vocal supporter of environmental groups including the Oceanic Preservation Society and, at 14, became the youngest ever UN Goodwill Ambassador.
What he says: ?More than half of Earth?s oxygen is produced by phytoplankton found in healthy ocea...
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