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Little White House On a Hillside by Urban Operations

Angled walls, slender windows, and a Le Corbusier-influenced roof deck break up the chunky white volumes of this residence, which architecture studio Urban Operations has built into a hill in Los Angeles. Locally based Urban Operations excavated a chunk from a hill at 4752 East Baltimore Street in the city’s Highland Park neighbourhood to make way for the 2,400-square-foot property.


Three white-stuccoed volumes stagger down the site, with each detailed with various openings, recesses and protrusions to make the most of light and surrounding views. “The design marries strategic hillside engineering with a series of stepped programmatic volumes, which are then sliced and folded at various code-generated orientations in order to produce a unified holistic design,” said a project description from Urban Operations. A series of outdoor areas across included in the residence provide each of the spaces inside with external access. After check this house don’t forget to check other creative tiny houses.
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