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LUX Loves: ‘Autrement’ exhibition by Maison Chaumet

Installation shot of the ‘Autrement’ exhibition in Chaumet’s Paris boutique
Maison Chaumet’s latest exhibition Autrement reimagines selected jewels through drawings from its Parisian archives and a series of transformative photographs by Swedish photographer Julia Hetta
Showcasing heritage pieces alongside contemporary creations, Autrement offers an alternative take on how to wear Chaumet high jewellery through individually styled reinventions of each jewel.
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The Jeux de Liens sautoir necklace, for example, featuring the brand?s signature linking design set in rose gold with mother-of-pearl, becomes an intricate bandeau reminiscent of the iconic Chaumet tiaras. The same necklace is also photographed in a balletic pose, wrapped daintily around the leg to form an anklet.
Image by Julia Hetta
A peacock feather bodice ornament from 1870 with a dazzling sapphire encircled by rubies and diamonds is remodelled as a delicate hair-pin, whilst a crescent moon brooch fashioned with fine pearls is worn as an aigrette with deep blue plumes. In perhaps the most innovative remodelling, L?pi de Bl de Chaumet brooch and earrings are used as a pair to bind a braided hairstyle in place.
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The smallest yet most sophisticated transformation, however, is made using the L?pi de Bl de Chaumet white gold cocktail ring as a scarf ring, highlighting the large tanzanite and its...
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