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Original Project for Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral from Vincent Callebaut

In the wake of the devastating fire that ravaged Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, a number of architects and designers have presented proposals suggesting how the church could be rebuilt. The response of paris-based architect Vincent Callebaut seeks to bring science, art, and spirituality together. Inspired by biomimicry, the design hopes to establish a fairer symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

Titled “Palingenesis”, a name derived from the greek word for “rebirth”, Vincent Callebaut’s design aims to unite the cathedral’s nave, roof, and new spire. From the four gables, the original geometry of the 10-meter-high attic has been respected. Meanwhile, the building’s triangular section and steep 55-degree pitched roofs gradually stretch to shape a vertical spire.
Constructed with cross laminated timber beams pre-stressed with carbon fiber slats, the new oak frame seeks to use the minimum amount of material to ensure a low-carbon footprint while offering the greatest transparency. “Transparency, sharing, and openness to our society’s development: such are the ideas conveyed by this new, diaphanous forest of Notre Dame, outlining the new face of the church in the 21st century,” Callebaut explains.

The cathedral’s restoration would transform it into a positive energy building that produces more energy than it consumes. The contemporary, three-dimensio...
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