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Spa and Wellness Luxury Holidays

Are you looking for a luxury holiday that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated" Whether you want to indulge in natural, healing hot springs or focus on your health, there are many reasons why you might choose a spa and wellness luxury holiday. And, finding the right destination is no easy task.
You?ll want somewhere with great facilities, plenty of noteworthy attractions away from the spas, and luxury hotels for a comfortable stay. It?s also important to pick a destination with a laid-back, health-conscious vibe so you can incorporate health and wellness into every aspect of your holiday.
Our handy guide features some of the world?s top destinations for a spa and wellness luxury holiday. You?ll also find expert recommendations on attractions, luxury five-star hotels and advice on the best time to visit. Budapest
With its numerous hot springs, Budapest is one of Europe?s top destinations for relaxation. The tradition of ?taking the waters? dates back to the Roman times. Rumour has it that these waters can cure common ailments, but today they?re primarily used for rest and relaxation. After all, there?s nothing more relaxing than spending the day in warm, thermal waters and indulging in a spa treatment or two.

Things to Do
Budapest has a range of fantastic bathhouses including traditional Turkish era establishments as well as more modern ones. Here are some of our favourites:
Rudas Baths. As one of the oldest bathhouses still in operation, many people visit Rudas ...
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