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Space Jam NASA Basketball by Anicorn

When Anicorn recently released their limited edition NASA watch, safe to say it was immeasurably popular and sold out in a matter of minutes. Now they’ve followed this up with another NASA tie – Anicorn Oddjects ? Space Jam Premium Basketball. Any lover of space exploration and b’ball are going to be in their element with this excellent limited edition offering and it is already starting to fly off the shelves once again. It is a great gift for an individual with a love of shooting hopes and reaching for the stars and it is a collaboration with Hong Kong lifestyle brand GrowthRing & Supply who have released a selection of capsules of limited products; which includes hoodies and this ace looking basketball. The design embraces NASA’s strong characteristic and subtly honouring the event of their 60th anniversary recently.
Each limited edition Space Jam basketball will be delivered with its matching velvet bag that will help keep it in good condition, providing you’re not planning to use it to shoot hoops every day.

It is composed of an exclusive microfiber composite leather cover material that boasts exceptional finishes and a real eye-catching attention to detail. The White Space Jam basketball meets all size and weight specifications set by the NBA and features a full-grain leather cover that provides first class grip, agility and feel, with foil stamping NASA worm logo + GPS coordinates of the Kennedy Space...
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