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The serene beauty of little-known Alpine resort Drei Zinnen

Looking down onto the Bad Moos Dolomites Spa Resort in the Drei Zinnen Dolomites
The little-known area of Drei Zinnen, in the German-speaking Italian Dolomites, offers a cultural, culinary and slopeside experience like no other, as Darius Sanai discovers
‘Atmosphere? has become an almost meaningless word when describing a place. A hotel describes its bar as ?atmospheric? as a matter of course. But a real atmosphere, in terms of travel, is not about a room, or a building, or even a town. It is about a sense of place that is imparted by the location, the light, the scenery, the buildings, the weather, people, detail? Everything.
Some places simply don?t have an atmosphere, and cannot create it however luxurious the hotels, restaurants and facilities they create. Other places have elements of an atmosphere ? spectacular views, fascinating buildings ? but they do not add up to a whole. Follow LUX on Instagram: luxthemagazine
And some places have an atmosphere that is more than the sum of its parts, that envelops you as soon as you arrive and increases in intensity the longer you stay.
Drei Zinnen is one of those places. Step out of the car that has whisked you there on a relatively easy drive from Innsbruck airport, and there is the sense of being somewhere quite apart from the rest of the world, yet not secluded, claustrophobic or shut away.
Crunching the few steps in the snow to the door of the hotel Bad Moos, you are in the middle of a wide, high, tree-lined bowl, line...
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