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Top 10 Most Expensive Fish in the World

We?ve rounded up a collection of the top ten most expensive fish from the aquarium hobby, from all over the world.

If you think a few thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money to pay for fish, how about $400,000 for the exquisite Platinum Arowana"

Some of these fish are so rare, that even if you have the money and the knowledge of how to look after them ? you still wouldn?t be able to buy one because they?re just not available.

Whilst many of these fish are not available for most people to simply just buy or pick up from a store, their beauty and patterns are incredible to look at, and make us wonder about the many other unknown creatures that are still yet to be discovered in the depths of the ocean.

Minimum Tank Size

Platinum Arowana
4 foot 9 inches
10-15 years
250 gallons
Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray
Black/Brown and White
1 foot 6 inches
5-10 years
500 gallons

Peppermint Angelfish
Red and White
3 inches
10-15 years
125 gallons

Masked Angelfish
Black and White
8 inches
10-15 years
125 gallons

Bladefin Basslet
White and Red
1.5 inches
5-8 years
50 gallons

Golden Basslet
2 inches
5-8 years
50 gallons

Neptune Grouper
Pink and Yellow
6 inches
30+ years
200 gallons

Australian Flathead Perch
Orange and Blue
6 inches
15-20 years

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish
Black and Grey
5.9 inches
7-10 years
80 gallons

Clarion Angelf...
Source: beautifullife