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Why the Swiss village of Andermatt is designed for living

Andermatt in summer
As well as making it a world-class ski resort, the development of the Swiss village of Andermatt has from the very start aimed to attract people who want to live there full-time. Karen Chung meets three residents who, in their different ways, call it home
Andermatt was born from the conviction that if you build it, they will come. With the ultra-ambitious yet sustainable mega-development of what was previously a sleepy, tucked away Alpine village, the town now offers an unparalleled lifestyle mix in a traditional setting.
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The development has since grown into so much more than simply a luxury holiday destination, with a high-low mix from its flagship hotel The Chedi Andermatt and world-beating concert hall, Michelin-starred restaurants and serviced apartments, through to cosy pizzerias, its relaxed attitude and a wish list of outdoor activities and cultural events accessible all year round. But what is it actually like to live there" Seven years after The Chedi Andermatt hotel put it firmly on the map, three residents reveal why Andermatt has it all.

The serial entrepreneur
Johan Granvik grew up near Andermatt and travelled the world before ending up back in his hometown. The businessman behind Andermatt?s boutique Schwarzer Bären hotel and its delightfully cosy-modern Italian restaurant admits his career trajectory has taken him by surprise. ?Usually, people tend to go to the big city and never ...
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